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Apocalypse Datasheets

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Posted 23 October 2010 - 04:15 PM

This is from the Bolter and Chainsword.  

Chaos Daemons

Bloodthirster Bloodbath Online
The Brotherhood of Blood WD
The Changeling's Grand Dissimulation WD
Daemonic Forge-Host Online & Reload
The Fateweaver's Council of Despair WD
The Great Promenade of Exquisite Excess Reload
Karanak's Hunt Reload
Mamon, Daemon Prince of Nurgle IAA2
Mamon’s Get IAA2
Outriders of the Brazen Host WD
Skulltaker's Cohort of Blood Reload
Tetragon of Darkness Reload
Uraka ‘The Warfiend’ Daemon Prince of Khorne IAA2
Uraka’s Head-Hunters IAA2

Chaos Space Marines

Angron, Daemon Primarch of the World Eaters LA
- The Battle for Armageddon & WD
Banelord of Khorne LA - Forces of Chaos  WD & Online
Chaos Annihilation Force Online
Chaos Conclave LA - Forces of Chaos WD & Online
Cult of Destruction Reload
Daemon Engine Summoning IAA1
Damnator's Assault Force IA7
Defiler Assault Force LA - Forces of Chaos WD & Online
Doom Blaster of Khorne Online
Doombringer Annihilation Force Reload
Doomsday Device Online
Dreadclaw IAA1
Dreadclaw Talon IAA1
Emperors Children Warband Online
Giant Chaos Spawn IAA1
Hell Blade IAA1
Hell Talon IAA1
The Hounds of Huron Reload
Khorne Lord of Battles Online
Khorne Tower of Skulls Reload
Lords of the Black Crusade Reload
The Lost and the Damned Online
Maelstrom of Gore Online
Nurgle Plague Tower Online & Reload
Plague of Zombies Online
The Purge IA7
Silver Tower of Tzeentch Online
Slaanesh Lament of the Damned IAA2
Slaanesh Subjugator Online
Slaughterfiend Bloodpack Reload
Spined Chaos Beast IAA1
Thousand Sons Warcoven LA - Forces of Chaos WD & Online


Grey Knights Land Raider Redeemer IAA2
Grey Knights Redeemer Force Online
Ordo Malleus Covenant of Destruction IA7

Dark Eldar

Karnival of Pain Online
Ravager Titan-Hunters Apoc
Raven IAA1
Raven Murder Squadron IAA1
Splinter Raid Force Apoc


Aspect Assault Wave
Baharroth's Tempest Reload
Cloudstrike Squadron Apoc
Cobra IAA1
Deathweaver Squadron WD
Eldar Cobra (II) IAA2
Eldar Corsair Nightfire Raiding Force IAA2
Eldar ‘Death Web’ IAA2
Fire Storm IAA1
The Great Court of the Young King Online & Reload
Guardian Serpent Rider Host IAA1
Night Spinner IAA1
Nightwing Interceptor Apoc
Phoenix IAA1
The Phoenix Court of Khaine Reload
Revenant Titan Apoc
Saim-Hann Doom Serpent Squadron WD
Scorpion IAA1
The Seer Council of Ulthwé Online
The Shadow Sect of Karandras Online
Shadow Walker War Walker Host Online
Shard of the Void Weaver Reload
Skyreaver Corsair Raiding Force IAA1
Spirit Host Apoc
Sunstorm Squadron Online & Reload
Ulthwé Strike Force Online
Vampire Hunter IAA1
Vampire Raider IAA1
Void Dragon Phoenix IAA1
Wind Rider Host Apoc

Forces of Chaos

Blight Drone of Nurgle IAA2
Blight Drone Infestation IA7
Blood Slaughterer of Khorne IAA2
Blood Slaughterer Onslaught IA7
Brass Scorpion of Khorne Apoc
Chaos Reaver Battle Titan IAA2
Chaos Warhound Titan IAA1
Covenant of Corruption IAA2
Daemon Lord – Aetaos’Rau’Keres, Slayer of Souls IAA2
Daemon Lord – An’Ggrath the Unbound IAA1
Daemon Lord – Scabeiathrax the Bloated IAA1
Daemon Lord – Zarakynel IAA1
Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne IAA2
Plague Hulk of Nurgle IAA2
Plague Ogryns IAA2
Plaguereaper of Nurgle Apoc
Tide of Spawn Apoc
Vraksian Renegade Attack Force IAA1
Warp Rift Apoc

Forces of the Imperium

Aquila Lander IAA1
Arvus Lighter IAA1
'Bellerophon' Pattern Airborne Assault Group WD
Emperor Battle Titan Online
Fortress Walls IAA1
Lightning IAA1
Marauder Bomber Apoc
Marauder Destroyer IAA1
Reaver Battle Titan IAA2
'Steel Eagle' Colonel Paseski's Command Valkyrie WD
Thunderbolt Fighter Apoc
Valkyrie IAA1
Venatarii Reaver Titan Maniple IA7
Vulture IAA1
Warlord Battle Titan Apoc
Warhound Scout Titan Apoc

Imperial Guard

Armageddon Stompa Hunters Online
‘Armored Fist’ Mechanised Company Reload
Armoured Fist Reconnaissance Company IAA1
‘Avenger’ Field Artillery Company IAA1
Baneblade Super-Heavy Tank Apoc
Banehammer Super-Heavy Tank Online & IAA2
Banesword Super-Heavy Tank Online & IAA2
'Bellerophon' Pattern Airborne Assault Group Online
‘Castellan’ Sentry Gun Defence Force IAA2
Catachan ‘Death Trap’ Ambush Patrol Reload
Death Korps of Krieg Death Rider Company IAA1
Deathstrike Vortex Missile Online
Defence Laser Online
Doomhammer Super-Heavy Tank Online & IAA2
Elysian Drop Infantry Platoon IAA1
'Emperor's Deliverance' Rocket Battery WD
‘Emperors Fist’ Tank Company Apoc
‘Emperor’s Fury’ Artillery Company IAA1
‘Emperor’s Hammer’ Tank Company IAA1
‘Emperors Talons’ Recon Troop Apoc
‘Emperor’s Thunder’ Heavy Artillery Company IAA1
‘Emperors Wrath’ Artillery Company Apoc
'Forlorn Hope' Death Rider Charge IA7
The Fortress of Arrogance Apoc
Gorgon IAA1
Hades Breaching Drill IAA2
Heavy Weapons Company Online
‘Hell Raker’ Assault Battery IAA2
Hellhammer Super-Heavy Tank Apoc
Hellstorm Squadron Reload
Hydra Flak-Tank Apoc
Imperial Guard Heavy Artillery Battery IAA2
Imperial Guard Heavy Quad-Launcher IAA2
Imperial Sentry Guns IAA2
Imperial Support Weapons Platform IAA2
‘Imperial Shield’ Infantry Company Reload
The Iron Saint WD
Leman Russ Annihilator IAA2
Lord Castellan's Supreme Command Reload
Macharius IAA1
Macharius ‘Vanquisher IAA1
Macharius ‘Vulcan’ IAA1
'Mailed Fist' Tank Command WD
Malcador IAA1
Malcador ‘Annihilator’ IAA1
Malcador ‘Defender’ IAA1
Manticore IAA1
Manticore Launcher Tank IAA2
Minotaur Artillery Tank IAA2
Officio Assassinorum Execution Force Online
Ogryn Auxilia Apoc
Rough Rider Company online
Praetor 'Sky Killer' Aerial Suppression Force Online (Forge World website - experimental rules for Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher here)
Shadowsword Domination Force WD
Shadowsword Super-Heavy Tank Online & IAA1
‘Steel Fury’ Baneblade Company Online & Reload
'Steel Eagle' Colonel Paseski's Command Valkyrie Online
Storm Trooper Strike Force Online
Stormblade IAA1
Stormlord Super-Heavy Tank Online & IAA2 & Reload
Stormsword Super-Heavy Tank Online & IAA1
'Thunderstrike' Tank Destroyer Squadron IA7
Trojan Support Vehicle IAA2
Tyrant's Legion 'Blood Pride' Battle Squadron IA9
Valdor Tank Hunter IAA2

Imperial Navy

‘Carrion Claw’ Vulture Strike Wing IAA2
Lightning IAA2
Vulture Gunship IAA2


Doomsday Phalanx Reload
Gauss Pylon Apoc
Gauss Pylon Network IAA1
Monolith Phalanx Apoc
Resurrection War Cell Reload
Shroudweaver War Cell Online
Stormcaller War Cell Reload
Undying Legion IAA1


Big Mek's Stompa Apoc
Big Squiggoth IAA1
Deffkopta Choppa Skwadron Reload
‘Dethrolla’ Battle Fortress IAA1
Dred Mob Apoc
Evil Eye In Da Sky Online
Fighta IAA1
Fighta-Bommer Apoc
Gargantuan Squiggoth Apoc
Ghazghkull's Bull Boyz Reload
Goff Klawstompa Reload
Goff Rok'n'Rolla WD
The Green Tide Online & Reload
Grot Bomm Launcha IAA1
Gun Wagon IAA1
‘Krusha’ Battle Wagon IAA1
Kult of Speed Apoc
Kustom Stompa WD
Loota Wreckin' Krew Reload
Looted Rhino IAA1
Ork Big Trakk IAA2
Ork Flakkatrakk Reload
Ork Kill Krusha ‘Eavy Tank IAA2
Ork Kill Tank Smasha Mob IA8
Ork ‘Kustom’ Battle Fortress IAA2
Ork Mega-Dread IAA2
Ork Mega-Rippa Krew IAA2
Ork Mekboy Junka IAA2
Ork Minelayer Online
Ork Pulsa Rokkit Online & Reload
Ork Submersible LA - The Battle for Armageddon, WD & Online
Ork Trukk Konvoy Online
Shokk Attack Battery Online
Skullhamma Battle Fortress Apoc
Sky-Slash Attack Skwadron IA8
Squiggoth Battle Herd IAA1
Stompa Apoc
Stompa Mob WD
Tanka Mob IAA1

Sisters of Battle

Chorus of Faith IAA2
Convocation of Wrath IAA2

Space Marines

Ancients Assault Force IAA1
Armoured Spearhead Apoc
Automated Defence Force IAA1
Battle Company Apoc
The Battle of Traitor's Gorge Online
Chaplain Dreadnought IAA2
Damocles Rhino IAA1
Deathwind Drop Pod IAA1
Deathknell Orbital Strike Force Reload
Deathstorm Drop Pod IAA2
Deathwind Orbital Strike Force LA - Forces of the Space Marines & WD
Dragonfire Assault Wing IA10
Drop Pod IAA1
The Hextad of Ancients IA10
Land Raider Ares Online
Land Raider ‘City-Breaker’ Squadron IAA2
Land Raider Helios IAA2
Land Raider Hellstorm Assault Force LA - Forces of the Space Marines
Land Raider 'Iron Exemplar' Command Spearhead IA9
Land Raider Prometheus
Land Raider Redeemer Hellstorm Assault Force WD
Land Speeder Tempest IAA2
The Legion of the Damned Online
Line Breaker Squadron Apoc
Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod IAA2
Masters of the Chapter Apoc
Predator Assassin Squadron Online
Shrike's Talons Online
Siege Dreadnought IAA1
Skyhammer Orbital Strike Force Reload
Space Marine 1st Company Reload
Space Marine Scout Company Reload
Space Marine ‘Iron Cyclone’ Dreadnought Drop Strike IAA2
‘Strike Eagle’ Drop Pod Assault IAA1
Suppression Force Apoc
Terminator Titanhammer Squads Online
Terminus Ultra Land Raider Online, WD & Reload
Thunderfire Defence Battery LA - Forces of the Space Marines & WD
Thunderhawk Gunship Apoc
Thunderhawk Interdictor Strike Force IAA2
Thunderhawk 'Reaper Angelis' Assassination Force IA9
Thunderhawk Transporter IAA1
Ultramarines Honour Guard Reload
Vengeance Task Force Online
The Wrath of Mars IA10

Blood Angels

Archangel Skyforce WD
Blood Angels Thunderhawk Assault Force LA - The Battle for Armageddon & WD
Dante's Sanguine Host WD
The Death Company WD
Deathstorm Strike Force online
Firestorm Strike Force WD
Lucifer Armoured Task Force Online

Dark Angels

Deathwing Redemption Force Reload
Land Raider Ares Online

Grey Knights

Grey Knights Land Raider Redeemer IAA2
Grey Knights Redeemer Force Online
Ordo Malleus Covenant of Destruction IA7


Ultramarines Honour Guard

Space Wolves

Sternhammer's Wulfen Guard Online

Tau Empire

Armoured Interdiction Cadre Apoc
Barracuda Air Superiority Fighter Apoc
Drone Perimeter Defence Team IAA1
DX-6 ‘Remora’ Drone Fighter IAA1
Farstrike Battlesuit Force Reload
Fire Warrior Counter-Strike Reload
Firestream Piranha Wing Reload
Great Knarloc Pack Apoc
Kroot Mercenaries Online
Kroot Knarloc Raiders IAA1
Manta IAA1
Manta Death Blow Cadre IAA1
‘Mirage’ Long Range Infiltration Online
Nighthunter Stealth Group Reload
Orca IAA1
Pathfinder Search and Destroy Cadre IAA1
Piranha TX-42 IAA1
Rapid Insertion Force Apoc
Skysweep Missile Defense Wing Reload
Swift Protector Wing IAA2
Tau Broadside Destructor Phalanx IAA2
Tau Ranged Patrol Wing Online
Tau Rapid Redeployment Force Online
XV-9 ‘Hazard’ Close Support Armour IAA2
Tiger Shark AX-1-0 IAA1
Tiger Shark IAA1


Barbed Hierodule Apoc
Behemoth Crusher Brood Reload
Endless Swarm Apoc
Eye of the Hive Reload
Genestealer Infestation Reload
Harridan IAA1
Hierophant Bio-Titan Apoc
Hive Mind Brood Apoc
Kraken Tendril Swarm Reload
Leviathan Gargoyle Swarm Online
Living Fortress Reload
Malanthrope IAA1
Meiotic Spore IAA1
Mycetic Assault Storm Apoc
Screamer Killer Brood Online
Scythed Hierodule IAA1
Spore Chimney Infestation IAA1
Stone-Crusher Carnifex IAA1
Subterranean Swarm Apoc
Trygon IAA1
Trygon Bioshock Brood WD
Tyranid Tunnel Swarm WD
Winged Swarm IAA1

Witch Hunters

Chorus of Faith IAA2
Convocation of Wrath IAA2

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