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Space Wolves Formations

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#1 Darog



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Posted 29 June 2011 - 10:21 AM

Formations that I'm going to use and which we use in our club.

Great Wolf Company


Logan Grimnar
Ulrik the Slayer
0-1 Rune Priest
0-1 Iron Priest
5+ Full Wolf Guards Packs*
2-12 Dreadnaughts or Venerable Dreadnaughts
0-5 Land Raider (any type)
* One squad must be headed by Arjack Rockfist

Great Wolf Company: All units in the formation must be deployed within 12” of Logan Grimnar or, if coming on from reserve, must enter the table within 12” of Great Wolf.

War Ruse: Space wolf player can choose two additional assets. These assets only apply to Space Wolf models.

Our Saga starts here: All non-vehicle models in this formation within 6” of Logan Grimnar have the feel no pain special rule. All vehicle models in the same formation within 6” of Great Wolf ignore all ‘Crew Shaken’ and ‘Crew Stunned’ results.


When the Drop Pod of the Space Wolves burn through the atmosphere in formation, they carve apart the skies with great contrails of the fire that are known in the sagas as the Claws of Russ. The mere sight of such a pyrotechnic display is enough to drive a blade of despair into the hearts of the foe, for all who behold it know that the Space Marine are on the attack. Each Claw consist of several drop pods that descends in a tight formation, slamming into the planet’s crust in quick succession, Whilst the enemy is still reeling this compound blow, the hinged sides of each Drop Pod will explode out and down to form disernbarkation ramps, end a battle-hungry packs of Space Wolves will storm out, voices and weapons raised in a deafening salute to the gods of battle before the bloodletting begins.

"Beat your thoughts to the mould of your will." Leman Russ


1+ Deathstorm Drop Pods with locator beacon
1 Wolf Lord
0-1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader
1+ Wolf Priest
0-1 Rune Priest
1+ Wolf Scouts Packs
1+ Wolf Guards Packs in Drop Pods.
4+ Grey Hunters Packs in Drop Pods
2+ Blood claws Packs in Drop Pods
2+ Long Fangs in Drop Pods
0-6 Dreadnaughts or Venerable Dreadnaughts in Drop Pods

The Sky Warriors: When the strike force arrives, determine the Deep Strike arrival point of the Deathstorm Drop Pod with locator beacon. All Drop Pods in the strike force must arrive within 24" of the Deathstorm Drop Pod. Landing of such a large number Drop Pods caused panic among the enemies, who know that the angels of death came for them. Any enemy unit that has had Drop pod land within 6" of it that turn mast take a Moral check at the end of the Space wolf Movement phase.

For the Wolftime: In addition to his normal strategic assets the player gains the following tree assets:
Hold at All Cost  
Careful Planning
Scheduled Bombardment
These assets only apply to Space Wolf models.

Leader of the pack: All units in this formation count as stubborn. But if Wolf Lord was slain, all units gain Rage and Fearless special rule; leave the model of Lord in place, now it count as an additional objective.

Company Relic:  One Wolf Guard or Wolf Guard Battle Leaders may take Company banner, which grants +1 attack to all space wolves units within 12", per 25 points.

Gorsedd of Rune Priests

Njal Stormcaller
3-5 Rune Priest

The Master: All units in the formation must be deployed within 6” of Njal Stormcaller
or, if coming on from reserve, must enter the table within 6” of Njal Stormcaller.

The Great Storm: Once per game instead of the use their powers priests could cast a Great Storm (120”, Apocalyptic Barrage (3D+X), S7, AP5). Also the formation grants the Blind Barrage strategic asset.
X – is number of Rune Priests.

Go to fight some Old Wolfs

3+ Long Fangs Packs


Ice Troll Hunters: Once per Shooting phase, the owning player may nominate a single enemy unit. All fangs must fire at this target but they count their weapons as twin-linked for that round of shooting.

#2 Globalsmack



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Posted 29 June 2011 - 02:48 PM

picking two assets for 150 points on the top formation is cheap.

#3 Hornato



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Posted 29 June 2011 - 07:20 PM

Yeah I would agree that first unit needs to up the points. That's an awful lot of advantages for 150+. I would say more is needed for the SAGA rules your giving them.
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#4 Big Jimmy

Big Jimmy


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Posted 30 June 2011 - 03:51 AM

Easily a 300 point formation.

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